10 strategies for camming

How to choose the best webcam site

1. Fake it till you make it

There’s no easy solution for a slow room. The could be dozens of different factors why on a specific day traffic is slow for you or users are silent or undecided or whatever the case may be.
The worse you can do in these situations is get on your phone, not pay attention to the camera, look bored or just wait lifeless till someone enters your room or interact with you.
I also understand that this is hard on your confidence and your overall moral.

Be productive

In that case, simply log off, send a few tweets or post on your social media, check your inbox and pick a few users to message letting them know you’re online and would be delighted to see them today…do NOT and I repeat do NOT send a group message to everybody. This is SO impersonal. It’s like you receiving a generic email that is not meant for you but for about 100s of other people. In other words, just use that down time to be productive.

Create the illusion

People coming to a cam room are expecting to have fun. Meaning, their day might not be as good either and they just want to escape from reality for a moment so if they enter your room and see you bored or lifeless they might not be so inclined to talk to you or even spend any money. So work it. YES even if your room has absolutely nobody. You can dance, you can tease…even pretend you’re talking to someone. In lots of cases, users entering your room have no idea how many people are potentially in your room already so pretend there’s already some. I know it sounds silly to talk to yourself but trust me this is something lots of successful models have done for a long time. And it makes perfectly sense. Imagine you’re walking down the streets and you are looking for a restaurant. Which one would you pick/ The one that is packed full of people or the one completely empty where staff looks bored and waiting for someone to come in? Most people would choose the restaurant completely packed. And there’s a name for it, it’s called social proof.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_proof)

2. Be real

This is common sense, although lots of models don’t understand that concept. By being real I mean, be yourself just a little sexier. What I mean by that is think about what would YOU do in a specific situation, what would YOU do if you were the user in that situation….
Always put yourself in a situation and think what the real you would do. Because chances are the real you would look more real than the persona you are trying to build. In fact, this is the number one factor why top models are top models.
But let’s look at some examples. At home, are you always all dolled up or are you mostly in your sweat pants? If the answer is sweat pants, why are you not wearing any online? Because it doesn’t look sexy or because YOU believe it doesn’t look sexy. Did you know that most men prefer a woman in yoga pants? Did you know that most men prefer a woman dressed than naked? Casual wear has been unanimously voted by men as being the sexier. Don’t get me wrong there’s still men who like a woman in dress or sexy lingerie of course. My point is you probably don’t always wear at home a costume, a sexy outfit or a dress so why are you doing it on cam? Change your routine a little bit. It’s a recipe for success. Users are expecting to see someone who is having fun and who enjoys what she does but also someone that they want to believe could be the girl next door. The more natural and real you are the more you will connect with users on a personal level which is ultimately the best strategy.

3. Make your room real too

What is valid for yourself is also valid for your environment. That is even more true for the ones of you that are in studios. I know you have really nice set ups with perfect lighting, amazing furniture etc…but how does your real room looks like? Is it all perfectly in order? Isn’t it messy sometimes? The point is do what you would do in your real environment. If you are working at home, you don’t have that issue because your home is obviously your real environment and it probably looks like it. This is a concept that might be hard to understand but users can make the difference between a set and a real room.
If you look at most US models, you will see that some are never in the same room. They are all over their house. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom….And even though you obviously can’t do that in a studio, you certainly can make that room yours. Again, think about what the real you would do? Would you have your bed made at all times? Would you have clothes on the floor sometimes? Don’t be messy to be be messy. Just be yourself and self appropriate your environment to make it look like it is actually yours. In other words, create some contrast. Your room can be well made one day and it’s perfectly ok if it’s a little messy another day. You can also change the lighting depending on the time of the day. At night, dim the light a little for example. It will create a more intimate ambiance in your room.

4. Camming is still a job!

Indeed, being a webcam model is a job like any others. If you have a regular jobs like most people, you’re probably working a full time job, about 8 hours give or take with a lunch break, may be a few breaks here and there. It shouldn’t be any different as a webcam model. If you disconnect every hour or even more often, this inconsistency can hurt your placement potentially. Prefer a 3 to 4 hours at a time shift where you can take a break and resume your work. You also want to pace yourself. You’d rather work in small shifts for a few hours than try to stay online for 8 or mode hours at a time where you will be less focus, may be tired and will perform overall less.

The same way, a full time job would most likely be 5 days a week. Keep that when you are online as well. The more consistent you are the more exposure you will have and the more regular users will either notice you or simply come to see you because they know you are online on a very regular schedule. If you work for a few days then stop for a week, you might lose them. People can be patient but eventually they will move on and you might never see them again. Don’t make that mistake.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to work 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. You can pick whatever hours that work for you. The best way to choose those hours is not necessarily when you like it the best. You can consider many factors. You know that Monday to Friday from 9 to 5pm US time will most likely have a lot of US models that you will have to compete with for a good placement. If your English is very good, it shouldn’t be a problem but if you don’t speak at all, you might want to consider outside of these hours for a better chance. Nights work for a lot of models for example, but it might not for you. The night audience can be very different than the day one and it could either work very well for you or not at all. And it’s the same for days. Week ends will see less US models in general which can give you an opportunity for a better exposure but also not necessarily. You have to try different days and times to see what works for you but keep a consistent schedule as a full time job…like if it was any other jobs.

5. Offline is as important as online

We’ve already talked about that topic but this is what makes the difference for a lot of successful models. The reason is quite simple. Users will spend on average may be 10mn in a private session, if that. Which means there’s 23 hours and 50 minutes that they will spend not offline but off the site. That’s the reason why there is a direct relationship between the overall activity of a model on social media and her success rate online while streaming. That’s the part that can coincide with the point 2 we talked about earlier about being real. If your online persona is to be dressed, with makeup, etc, your social media could be more personal, more raw. If you post the same content on your social media that people can see on your profile you’re missing the point. What they want to do is raw selfies, no makeup photos and all the randomness of your life outside of camming. Just look a any US model social media and see how they interact with their fans. The whole goal is to keep a connection with users when you are not online or when they are not. Remember the saying “out of sight out of mind”, this is very true when it comes to camming. There’s hundreds of new models if not thousands every day that are ready to come take your place. Establish yourself and your brand as much as possible and in as many places as possible. And think about it, it’s not unrealistic of me to think that you probably have a Facebook account for your friends and family, you might even have a TikTok account, an Instagram account. Why? Because first social media is part of society now and it also helps you and your friends and family connect with you, remind you of birthdays etc etc. It’s no different as a cammodel. If you don’t have any activity off camera, your chances of success are lower than if you did have a social media activity on a daily basis. One tweet to your fans is probably worth more than a group message you might send to people you probably can’t name. On top of generating potentially dedicated traffic to your room it also creates a connection with your fans that can last longer. It’s even more true in the case you’re away for a few days and they have no way to see or talk to you but can on social media. Most top models will tell you than they spend a lot of hours maintaining a social media presence because it’s simply as important as being on cam. You can also use the features available to you on the site to keep the connection with users.

6. NO typing

We probably went over this one so many times but this is one of the most important thing. Think about it. And in fact always try to think how YOU would react if you were a user. Let’s take Youtube as an example. Youtube is a video site. You wouldn’t imagine watching your favorite YouTuber if the or she was not talking but typing all the content. It’s the same. Users want to see you and hear you. And NO it does NOT matter how much you speak English or other language. In fact, data shows that most people absolutely love accents. In our case, the majority of our users are speaking English, therefore English is kind of a requirement but it’s ok because there’s also 20% of Americans being latinos so they also speak Spanish. Ask models who speak English even a little and ask them how much of a difference it made in their earnings. I’m pretty sure it’s worth the effort of learning basic English and by the way you only need 500 words in English to be able to have a conversation which by the way are very limited in that situation so you probably don’t need as much to go by. For the ones of you that are typing in a decent English you have no excuses not to talk. Trust me you won’t regret it. Languages should definitely be part of your arsenal when it comes to camming. And not just English but if you’re able to basically greet anybody coming to your room in their own language they will appreciate it more than you think. And for the ones that are more creative, find ways to learn online. There’s plenty of users that will take the time to teach you bad words first of course which are gonna be very useful but also just basic English AND you’re gonna build an even better rapport with that user.

7. Turn down that music

Music is good. Music can set the tone in a room, especially if you like to dance…BUT please turn it down. Excusing the fact you don’t talk by turning the music up makes it a bit annoying for users. Imagine being at a party where you can’t barely have a conversation with friends because the music is so loud. Also remember that a lot of users are trying to be discreet. If they have to turn the sound off it’s not a good experience for them. They’d rather listen to your voice. The music should be a nice background but shouldn’t not be what your room is all about.

8. Don’t beg!

American users and most Europeans don’t like to believe they are being asked for something all the time. They understand it’s an exchange. You’re keeping them company and they’re paying for it but if you keep asking for something all the time it will get annoying for them or mostly reminding them it’s a transaction instead of an experience. Don’t greet users asking them to follow you, add you to their favorite or give you tags etc without having a normal conversation with them. Even worse if this is the very first thing they see like in your room topic. Your room topic should be about the mood of the day, the theme of the day, even about you. It should never be about what You ask them to do. Don’t worry about favorites at this point. If they like you they will add you to their favorite. Asking them to do so is starting on the wrong foot and will not mean they will actually do it. In other words you have to be a lot more subtle than that when you expect a user to behave a certain way. I see a lot of “LUSH on” which might not even make sense for people don’t know what that is. Now if you say “control my toy” that’s a little difference. That tells them already that you have one, the brand doesn’t speak to users really, and that they can control it which might lead to them asking what this is about. So you’re also potentially educating them instead of relying on people that know exactly what this is what the brand is. It’s all about saying the same thing but as an invitation and not a command or a request. The same way, if you ask at the end of a session to a user to add you to their favorite, give an incentive. Why would they do that? Because you’re asking? I don’t think so. Now if you tell them ‘hey, I’d love to hang out with you again some other time, add me to your favorites so you know when I’m online next”…it’s more work obviously but a better result.

9. Get inspired

No matter what you do, it’s ok to find inspiration with other models. Don’t hesitate to watch other models and see how they do and put yourself in a user’s shoes and see if you would spend money if you were the user. Look at how they interact, what they do, what they say, what lead them to a private session etc. Mostly watch American models and see how they interact with users, what they use, etc. If you recognize yourself in some aspects, try it. Any idea is a good idea if it makes you evolve and renew yourself all the time. You might notice a messy room, not necessarily a good lighting, may be not so good camera quality but you will also notice the level of engagement and interaction with users that make then overall successful. And forget about beauty. This is so subjective anyway and not what cam is about. It’s all about your interaction with users. So watch and follow the people you think are the ones that have the kind of imagine you are close with. Even more, you can go and follow them Ono their social media and even ask them. You will notice that they are all willing to share their experience and their tips that can be valuable for you in your career.

10. Make a schedule

That seems like an obvious one but this is so important. Especially if you’re starting. The only way people will eventually see you is if you’re consistently online around the same time. In your early days of camming you want to bend as much as you can, at least for the first 30 days which are the most important ones. After that, set up a schedule for yourself and try to stick to it. Users will like to know that when they are online they know exactly when they’re gonna find one. We as human like habits and if you have that habit of being consistent with a schedule they ca rely on it’s even better. Treat your show like a TV show. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, can you imagine never knowing when the show will be on? It’s the same for users. They need to know when they’re gonna be able to find you online and this is the best way to gain regular users…even more so than asking them to add you as a favorite so they can try to follow your schedule. Trust me, having a consistent schedule is VERY important and also very easy to follow. And when something unexpected happens, that’s where you can reinforce your engagement with users by messaging them to let them know that may be next week you won’t be online whatever the reason may be. Of course you can deviate from your schedule as long as it has an explanation. Check back to 4. Where I explain why camming is and should be treated like any other job. At a regular job you have a clear schedule. So don’t treat this any other way.