Introducing Erismanagement an Innovative Onlyfans Management Agency

Onlyfans Management Onlyfans Agency

ErisManagement is a full-service adult media management agency with a focus on helping models maximize their earnings through omnichannel social media growth strategies engineered for virality.

Most adult models don’t earn nearly as much money as they could be due to simple marketing mistakes. The average model on Onlyfans only makes $180 a month because most models don’t know how to market themselves. Our marketing experts with over 6 years of digital marketing experience can help you skyrocket your growth even if you don’t already have a large following.

How Do We Do It?

Our growth strategy revolves around engineering virality for our Onlyfans models on multiple social media platforms. Engineered virality to us means focusing on hypothesizing, prioritizing, and testing innovative low-cost high growth strategies. This is all done by directing organic traffic efficiently across platforms.

Our Services

  • Social Media Management
    • Our team takes care of tedious tasks such as content posting and DM management so you can have some freedom and focus on creating your best content
  • Partnership Sourcing
    • Models work together with brands to create content whilst gaining the benefit of free products, promotions, and payouts from brand deals.
  • Client Optimization
    • Our sales funnels help turn traffic into paying customers. Direct message management engages your most active customers to maximize earnings from personalized and PPV content.

How Do I Join!

You can fill out our application form at or email us directly at and you will be connected to an account manager.