Social Media for the adult industry?

Overall, and with some exceptions of course, the adult industry has no idea how to actually leverage social media. I’d go even further and say that most marketers these days have no idea how to leverage social media for their business. Why? Because they try really hard to drive sales instead of engaging their audience. Most so called “specialists” of social media have their own sets of “rules” and “tricks”…you have to update your twitter x amount of times per day, and at least a Facebook post each day etc… In the adult industry it’s even worse! If you look at most accounts, and I’m gonna exclude models accounts in general, it’s all spam…and by spam I mean one way communication with links most of the time to try to get a click out of it. How is that working for you?

So I already know what you will probably say, well most social networks are not adult friendly….blablabla…and? I don’t know why you couldn’t “sell” an adult product WITHOUT any naked people on it. The adult industry seems to believe that it won’t sell and therefore more often than not don’t even bother having a Facebook account for example. Well that’s too bad because Facebook happen to be the most popular social network in the entire world right now with 1.5 billions monthly active users. How’s that for attention? Not using Facebook is definitely a huge mistake…and I’m sure you can find a way to make your product/site/content PG13 if that means that kind of exposure right? News flash: Twitter is NOT adult friendly either but funny enough lots of people post naked pictures thinking they are safe…and they might be for now…

So, is there a way to be effective with social media in the adult industry? YES. Of course there is. But what does it mean? It means that first you have to know who you are as a business/product/site. That’s a good start. If you know who you are, you have a “personality” and this is how you can engage with your audience. Just stop talking TO people…and just converse WITH people instead. That’s a whole new point of view that makes all the difference. If you post links all day long, you are really taking your audience for a bunch of idiots that will just click on everything you throw at them. Ask yourself the question? Do you click on links? Do you click on banners? Probably not. So why do you think your audience will? Be smart. Be patient. Don’t expect results right away. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon. You are building your brand and a brand is not made in one day. It’s like affiliate marketing. Lots of webmasters are going for the quick cash, the pay-per-signup, which you probably know is ridiculous. Rev share is by far the best option. It might take a while to make you a lot of money and it might not even will in certain cases but there’s no limit in what you can make. One person can make you less than the value of a pay-per-signup and some will make you way more in the long run….social media is the exact same way. What you are doing with your social media is going to help you may be in 6 months, a year, 2 years…and even more. Yeah sorry if you thought there were a trick to make you tons of money doing not a whole lots from home spamming social networks with tons of links hoping someone will make you rich….it doesn’t work this way.

This year and probably the next, the social media that will probably get even bigger than what they are today and that you SHOULD definitely use if you want any attention will be Snapchat DEFINITELY, Instagram NO DOUBT and still Facebook. Twitter needs to switch things around but I think they’ll pull it through and who ever is going to be “effective” on Twitter will have to STOP the spamming.