How NOT to start your own webcam site

You might not like the premise of this post but I’m gonna tell you exactly why building your own webcam site is not such a good idea after all.

It might sounds very easy to build a site that broadcast models and have people pay to watch it but think again.

1. Do you have the infrastructure to do that? Streaming requires pretty big sturdy servers. Forget about a shared hosting on godaddy, that won’t help you! Unless of course you have no traffic at all which might be the case anyway.

2. Watch for the competition! Do you know how many websites in the world right now are multi million dollars websites? How in the hell are you expecting to compete with them. Don’t get me wrong if you have a deep pocket a whole team of developers and designers and marketers, go for it!

3. Which bring me to number 3. Are you planning on buying one of these pre-made scripts online, or may the cheap WordPress plugin??! I know. You probably can get someone on make you a “copy” of which ever website you want for fairly cheap but do you think it will be good enough?

4. How do you get models? That might be the “easiest” part. Find models that are willing to give your unknown website a try. After all you are promising them a larger percentage than any other website…right? Now how do you get paying members? Advertising? Do you have the finances to advertise on platforms that will send you a good quality traffic of people willing to spend money on the model (hopefully you have more than one) you have online?

I’ve been receiving so many requests lately to build a webcam site like streamate or chaturbate or myfreecams…and my answer is always no can do. Don’t get me wrong I would love to take your money to build you a site that might do exactly what you want but I don’t believe this is a viable project so I always advise people to ask somebody else or to take that one advise.

If you know you can drive good traffic, just signup for the site that has the best affiliate program out there, which ever one you like, and take the rev share! Don’t waste your money trying to compete with companies that will eventually crush you no matter how good your idea is by the way. There’s a lot of people that have been there, done that and are nowhere to be found right now.