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1. Beyond Camming

In these complicated times, once again, it’s complicated to get online for some of you, whatever the reason may be, but what’s more “dangerous” than not being on cam is not being online at all.
Last week, we introduced or re-introduced Neon Live Streaming so you have a backup plan at home if you can using your mobile phone.

If you really can’t work at all, you have to find other ways to benefit the current online traffic boost we’ve seen lately, or at least not be completely forgotten by the time this pandemic is finally over.
Here’s the top 10 ideas of what you could or should be doing while staying safe at home.

This one is obvious but yes IF you can, even a little bit here and there, do it! Overall online traffic has seen a huge spike, mostly because people are staying home and have nothing to do. Netflix, any online streaming platform…Social media in general are seeing a lot more people online. Even though this trend won’t continue, mainly because sadly people will struggle to make ends meet or even lose their jobs, the amount of people online is making a big difference now for the ones that are able to be on cam.

The main reason to try to if you can is also because we as human are creatures of habits…which means if people are seeing you online you are still on their mind…if you are not, chances are eventually you will be forgotten. People will start wondering where you are first, try to find you all over the internet…and eventually move on. By the time you come back online, they might have completely forgotten who you are…sadly.
That’s where comes number 2…

2. Twitter

This is where people will start to look for you first. At least in America…but as you know, that’s where most of the traffic comes from.
If you can’t work, that’s where you should be. There good thing is, Twitter doesn’t take much effort and can be done directly on your phone. If you don’t have an account yet…make one!

How to gain followers

Even thought the number of followers is irrelevant versus how many people are actually engaging with you and the number of people you’re engaging with, here’s a few things you can do to start on the right foot and get some followers.
Start with a search for cammodels, webcam models,… and follow all the accounts that pop up. Read through their timeline, see if there’s any post that is relevant to you, comment, like if relevant and move on to another search.
You can also search for your friends that may already have an account. If you’re not online you can retweet them when they are. Be a part on your own community and people will do the same for you.
You can also go on any webcam platform, search for models you know, models that are like you or that you like and tweet about them even. If you use an affiliate link, you get an incentive from people signing up under your link. That’s something you might consider, although affiliate marketing should totally be a different topic in itself.

Interact with your fans

It can take a little while but once your fans find you, make sure you interact with them, talk to them, etc. Post pictures every day. It doesn’t have to be professional pictures, people are looking for more raw content, unfiltered, more close to reality. Send selfies every day, wish your fans a good day, especially in these difficult times.
If you have videos on your profile, let them know about it too. It’s not because you’re offline that you can’t make money with your offline content.


If you don’t know what to post, just participate in the current trends. There’s hashtags that people use every day, do the same…with your comfort level on what you want to post or not. Monday is usually #MotivationMonday or #Masturbation Monday, Tuesday is #TittyTuesday, Wednesday is #HumpDay, Thursday is #ThrowbackThursday, Friday is #FollowFriday…

Overall, Twitter is a good way to stay in touch with your friends and fans so they don’t forget about you especially if you are not on cam. It’s also a good way to talk to your cam model friends, build a community offline, etc.

3. Instagram

To give you a little bit of numbers, there’s 1 billion people using Instagram every day, 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day…so you can imagine the amount of people you can reach being on Instagram.
Unlike Twitter that is a little more lenient on adult content, instagram is absolutely NOT adult friendly so if you have an account or if you don’t have one yet, follow these few recommendations not to lose your account:
– Make sure there’s absolutely zero nudity in any of your pictures, even implied. In fact make sure it’s not sexy at all if you can. Don’t use stickers to hide parts that are otherwise naked for example.
– No links! Make sure you don’t have your cam link in your profile or on any post or story or you will be deleted eventually.
– Do not use hashtags that are blacklisted or banned. When you type your hashtag if there’s no results or suggestion it means it’s hidden so do not use that hashtag. Anything sexual obviously would be part of the do not use hashtags.
– The same rules apply to Instagram Stories. It’s not because it’s a story which disappears after 24 hours that Instagram is not monitoring it so make sure there’s no nudity in your photo or video, no banned hashtags or links to any adult site.

How to use Instagram

Same as for Twitter, don’t pay too much attention to the number of people following you but make sure you engage with as many people as you can. But here’s a few techniques you can use to gain followers fast:
– Post at least 3 posts a day, image or video
– Make sure you jus don’t post but use the description to your advantage being as descriptive as possible.
– Use hashtags. You can use up to 25 hashtags, use them! Find your niche first and use hashtags that are relevant to your niche. For example if you have tattoos, you could use #tattooedmodels #inkedmodels #inkedbabes #tattooedbabes…and whatever the equivalent is your own language but always use English first as it’s commonly accepted on the platform.
– Participate in highly popular conversations. Which means comment, like on some posts that are very popular. It can be from anybody. If you’re a Justin Bieber fan go and comment on one of his post for example. The best case scenario is if you are one of the first to comment then your comment will be seen by a lot of people who will eventually follow you.
– Find topics that are popular than are relevant to you.
– Find your pears. There’s other models and studios out there. Find them, follow them, comment on their post to let them know you’re following and participate in their community, you’ll get some of their followers following you as well.
– Find promo accounts. There’s a lot out there that are just promoting other accounts. Try to get featured on those to gain extra followers.
– Don’t post only stories! Stories disappear after 24 hours, therefore a lot of people might not see it. Make sure you post regular posts first and add some stories as well. If you post a picture on your profile, post a story that links to it for example. And don’t forget to use hashtags in your stories as well!
And repeat…if you follow this and stay consistent you could gain up to 100 followers a day easily.

In other word you have to be creative to use Instagram without mentioning your cam but Instagram is not about sales, it’s about marketing and branding. Again, it’s a good way to stay in touch with your fans and your cam family while you’re offline. You’re building a brand, your brand. If you’re not actively working, it’s still a way to stay in touch with the community and your fans so when you return, it will be like you never left.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat is mostly men and it’s a slightly younger demographic but it’s been taken by storm by the adult industry and models who use it are actually monitoring it. With sites like, you can have your own “premium” Snapchat meaning your account is only used by people who pay you a monthly subscription or lifetime subscription to access your content and talk to you. It’s not as much branding and marketing like Instagram.
As far as content, you can post anything you want although you always take the risk that Snapchat finds out and close your account but you can start again and have all your members join your new account through Fancentro.
I want to say we are not associated with Fancentro at all, it’s just one of the only service right now monetizing the platform and has been a good source of extra income for a lot of models and pornstars alike.
Of course you don’t have to take the Premium route and use Snapchat like you use Instagram stories. In fact, you can do both and post the exact same content on both. Since there’s only a minimum cross over, you can always promote your Instagram on Snapchat and vice versa. In fact you should promote any social media platform you are using on any other one.

5. Youtube

Youtube might be a stretch and a little more “complicated” than any other platform so far but not talking about it would be a mistake. Youtube is 2 billion users every month! Now you may ask what do I do with Youtube? Well that’s the “complicated” part. Youtube is only for people who have something to say. Do you have a secret talent? Are you an expert? This is the platform for you.
The perfect example I could find is Angela Cianuro aka Cianurotips who is not only a cam model but also has various social media and a youtube channel sharing her tips:
You may have seen her at Lalexpo walking around interviewing people. This is the perfect example of what you can do with the platform. If you are in a specific niche, for example BDSM or heavily tattooed or cosplayer or BBW…you can be the voice of your niche and share your thoughts, your experience, your tips…there’s always the new generation coming that will value you as a relevant source of information. As far as branding this is a great opportunity to strengthen your personal brand. At a time where you’re stuck at home 24/7 this might be the best time to try it out and see if the video format is the right medium for you. By the way, don’t worry about the equipment you think you need, your phone is probably the best in that case with most likely a 4K camera already.

6. TikTok

A platform that has seen a big increase in traffic and accounts created during the pandemic has to be Tiktok. If you don’t know, TikTok is video sharing video platform, used mostly to create short dance, lip sync, comedy or talent videos. If you’re creative this is the platform for you. Again, this is not an adult friendly platform so don’t post anything sexual, your link or anything remotely sexual but if you are creative or funny this is a great way to once again get your branding to the next level.
A few tips if you want to give TikTok a try:
– Post daily. Consistency is always the best.
– Post original content. Don’t just post a video or picture of yourself, it has to be fun, funny, creative, silly…
– Incorporate popular music in your post
– Perform duets. Find a friend and dance or do some lip-syncing to a famous song or famous movie scene
– Follow other accounts. You can follow your friends, like their content as well.
– Learn from the pros. Look at popular channels and see what they do and learn from them, get inspired and do your own thing.
There’s over 1.5 billion users on TikTok so that’s a pretty big audience.

7. Twitch

Are you a gamer? No? It doesn’t really matter anyway. Twitch is probably the streaming platform the most relevant to what you do. Yes you heard it right. Gamers and people watching live cams are very similar and very often the same people. Probably because gaming is widely spread and a lot of people play video games even just casually.
So what this is all about? Well it’s no different than what you do on cam. You’re streaming while playing video games, people watch you, some even give you money…sounds familiar?
So what if you don’t play video games? Well I don’t think it matters. People are not coming to see you online because of your gaming skills, although if you’re good at one or more games that definitely can’t hurt. But the same way you could be learning anything while on cam, like a new language…hint hint…you can learn a game with your viewers. It’s not all about the game itself other than the way you interact with your audience.
If you are a cosplayer for example, being on Twitch each day with a different costume is probably a good idea. Here again you have to be non sexual and you can’t promote your cam but if your name is the same on Twitch people will search for you and find you anywhere else.
A few channels you can look at are Marley Barbie Marley has an active Onlyfans account for her sexy work and she also happens to be a more than very good Call of Duty player. Another example of gamer/adult star is Alana Evans: Alana is a Hall of Fame American pornstar who also game frequently.

8. Videos

That’s a very generic statement but there’s a lot of platforms to host videos. Of course you can post videos on your  account and sell them even while offline. But there’s also a few other platforms you can use in the adult world and make money. You don’t have to worry about production quality here. The videos are not about how good the lighting is or how the videos quality is, although your phone has definitely a better resolution than your daily webcam anyway. The same way Pornhub traffic is mostly interested by amateur content, your fans are more interested about your than how professional the video may look. In fact they might be more interested in a raw homemade video from you.
As far as other platforms, there’s plenty that caters to specific niches: is very generic and what I would call vanilla which means more classic content would be best Ono that platform would be the equivalent of manyvids but a little more niched. If you are into fetishes this might be your preferred platform. would be even more niched than the previous two. If you are into foot fetish, armpit fetish or even more specific fetishes, this is the platform you’d want to use.
There’s also memberships platforms where people have access to all your content for a subscription. Here again there’s a big list of sites you can use like just, etc…Those platforms are like a social media platform but completely adult and only accessible by paying members. Think of it as an adult Twitter that people pay to access. Those platforms are not about branding at all. In fact you should not treat it as a OR but as a AND, meaning you still need to be on a more mainstream platform regardless to get your name out there for the mass.Those a micro transaction memberships that can be an extra revenue stream. Everything can be done on your phone so it’s pretty straight forward.

9. Audio

This one might be a stretch but the popularity of audio format is undeniable. Lots of podcasts are very popular and in these days of confinement, lots of people have plenty of time to listen to their favorite podcast. A podcast is also fairly easy to start. There’s plenty of platforms that you can use for free like Here again, you can use your phone as a recording device. If you are into ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) or la respuesta sensorial meridiana autónoma in Spanish, that’s perfect for you. You don’t even have to start a podcast. The same way you can create videos you can just create audio with you talking. ASMR is also a very popular category. Here’s an example of ASMR:
You might say well I don’t speak English. Does it matter? Not really. First of all, yes English would be the preferred language here since most of the adult worldwide audience speaks English and by the way English people LOVE accents so it doesn’t matter really if your English is not that good;) You can of course do it in your language as well. People into ASMR just like the sound not necessarily what’s being said. Also, you don’t need to talk, people who like sounds, like a particular sound. You could be making audio/video of specific sounds like the sound of rubber gloves against each other, etc.

10. Emails

Yes emails! You’re offline, therefore your users can’t see you. You probably don’t communicate with them? If you do, good job, you definitely should. It doesn’t take too long to reply to some of the emails that are in your account mailbox. Since you have plenty of time on your hand, don’t be lazy 😉 Don’t send a group email to everybody but personalize the emails you send to your fans. Simply log in to your account and check your messages and just reply to all the users that messaged you before. Remind them about you, that you’re good, that you’re staying home safe…ask them how they’re doing…extra points if you can mention something that pertains to them only and let them know you’ll be back as soon as you can. If you plan on making some videos to put on your account, ask them what they’d like to see and you make a video that you already know you’ll sell right away.

Some of these tips are easy and straight forward, some require more time or dedication but the overall goal is to make sure your fans don’t forget about you in these difficult times where you can’t necessarily be on cam. The good thing is you have plenty of time to start one or more of these ideas and I can promise you that with consistency you will benefit from your social media presence in the long run once you’re back online. But most importantly this is kinda of emergency measure to make sure than while you are not able to work you are not completely forgotten.
If you have any questions, comments…or even any ideas that you might want to share, feel free to message me.