How to make money from Snapchat?

Are you wondering why you would even consider making money using Snapchat? Well, Snapchat is currently one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, and it recently went public.

What does this mean for you as a camgirl? It means that it will probably be around for a very long time, making it a great way to earn an income.

Being an adult performer, you probably have an adult website of your own, as well as a Twitter account. But Twitter is not the same today, as it was ten years ago when it burst into the scene.

This is because it got flooded with bots, fake accounts, and people always trying to sell you something.

What this means is that it is hard to know how many true followers you actually have, amidst all these bots and marketers. And this is where Snapchat porn comes in.

With this social media, you have a good idea of who is actually seeing your posts, as they will not disappear like tweets do. But how can you use this platform as an adult performer to increase your following?

1. Understand the Difference between Marketing and Sales

The problem with many camgirls and adult performers is that they cannot differentiate between sales and marketing. Many marketers initially chose to use Twitter for marketing purposes, which led to the creation of bots.

The fake accounts and bots were initially meant to bump up the retweets and follower numbers. But the realist with social media is that everything is pegged on marketing. If you start out hoping to sell and sell, it may work for a while, but your brand will eventually take a hit.

As a pornstar or camgirl using social media, you need to give your followers more. Do not be that professional always telling people to subscribe your channel or click on a link to buy a certain product.This is how followers end up being fed with you and move on to other channels.

You need to use social media to build your personal brand. Use it to engage your followers and admirers, and with time, build the brand equity. Do this, and with time people will start buying whatever you offer them because you take time to engage your audience.

If you need a refresher on how to use Snapchat, go through this tutorial again for the basics.

2. Share Your Snap Code

Immediately you sign up on this social network, you will not have any followers. But you will find a OR code that is located in your profile. People can use this code to add you. You must, therefore, share the code in as many places possible.

If you still have your Twitter account, consider changing your profile picture to represent this code. This will automatically inform people that you are on this platform. They can then choose to follow you.

Do the same for Facebook, Instagram, and any other social networks where you are active. This alone will provide you with a sizable number to start you off.

3. SFS

Do you want to increase your follower numbers further? Why not build a network? Instead of attempting to recreate the community that you already have on Instagram and Twitter, make attempts to build a whole new community. Remember that not everybody makes use of the same single social platform.

Make an attempt to obtain new followers from other sources. One way to go about this is to start following your fellow camgirls, pornstars, and models.

You could also follow some of your favorite adult websites. Within no time, you should start to see other models snap codes as well as SFS (shout out for shout out) it

can also be translated as “share for share’. By doing this, you will be engaging in a link exchange, enabling you to post stories on another account. Proper execution should see you gain a few new followers each day.

To ensure that you do not bore your audience to death, try and minimize the number of times you do this in a week. You will need to trust your gut and be sure to build a network of models and fellow camgirls that assist each other grow their follower numbers.

4. Be Careful When Dealing with Takeovers

There are currently very many accounts on Snapchat at the moment that are being referred to as takeover accounts. A takeover account is a person who allows you to connect to their platform and make posts to promote yourself.

Although they seem like a great way to gain followers, do not allow yourself to be fooled. Many such accounts are operated by guys who may only be interested in getting their hands on your naked images. Others may be looking to earn some money from incrementally growing their platforms.

Stay away from people who will ask you to send nudes in exchange for the takeover. Basically, do not do something that you are not comfortable with. It is recommended that you first make some inquiries before accepting to do a takeover.

For instance, how many views does the account have? Does the account owner have any rules pertaining to content? If possible, only do takeovers with accounts that have the same number of followers, or close. The same should also apply to views.

5. Come Up with Good Content

In anything you do, remember that content is king. For people to follow your account, and like your videos and images, you need to give them good content. But do not get me wrong here, good content does not necessarily mean providing them with free nudes.

No, that’s not is implied here. Whether you are a pornstar who is making movies or a camgirl earning a living on your cam, this is the content that you will be selling. You have to be creative in your store telling. Remember that each story has a beginning, middle, and the end part.

Aim to keep this format in your storytelling. But most importantly, be sure to have fun as you make your content. It is always best to have a minimum of two Snapchat accounts for all pornstars and camgirls.

The free account should be for attracting new users, and posting teasers. The premium account is for posting premium content for the paying customers.

So now I will end this article

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