Common Web Development Challenges Faced by Developers and Their Possible Solutions

Are things going wrong with your latest design project? Is your client being unprofessional or is unsatisfied with their ongoing work? Is it taking more time to fix errors in your web design that you thought it would? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Web designers and developers, even the most experienced and qualified ones, are often faced with challenges that cause their projects to delay, have their clients yell at them, get them paid less than what was promised or even worse.

When customers invest a significant amount of money and time in their web development project, they expect and want it all from their web development service provider. As a web developer or designer, it’s your responsibility to take careful note of any potential challenges up front and meet your clients’ needs and expectations entirely.

To help you eliminate web development issues and their influence as much as possible, we’ve pulled together the most common challenges that plague developers and ways to overcome them.

1. Vague Requirements

You don’t want to spend more than twenty hours of your day developing a classic professional website for your client only to realise the next day that it doesn’t fit most or none of their needs. Be knowledgeable about exactly how your client wants the website to look, feel and function. Understanding their needs beforehand will help you deliver the best and avoid unnecessary time and effort that goes into your project when unclear about their needs.

2. Usability

Web developers often start off their project and complete it without thinking about how users (target audience) are going to interact with the website, thus leading to poor user experiences. While you’re working on a website, take time to know and understand how you can make it easier and convenient for users to use it varied features and navigate through it.

3. Accessibility

Creating a beautiful design and adding advanced features isn’t enough. It is as important for a website to be accessible as it is to be intriguing and functional. Creating a website that is accessible across multiple browsers is one of the biggest challenge faced by developers. Developers need to study and implement best practices to make their website efficiently adapt to all screen sizes and provide users with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

In addition, there are many other challenges that we haven’t discussed here but have a significantly negative impact on your work, credibility and reputation. And, the challenges are even more complex and frequent to occur when you have projects from adult marketing clients or the likes of adult membership sites to develop. However, no matter how intricate, challenges can easily be tackled if you start with proper planning in mind and go on to dig out as many of the potential problems as possible beforehand.