The Value Of Social Media And Content Marketing For Adult Business

Websites are something which seem to be very important in the present scenario. It can be estimated that in one way your presence can be signified by your website. When it comes to increased traffic and visibility, social media marketing plays a very important role, particularly for the businesses that are adult oriented. But this is sad that search algorithm of Google is not friendly to adult content.

Social media and content marketing have been the most cost effective and the best ways that one comes around in order to make a position to adult oriented websites and also in reaching your target market. It would not be worthy if you don’t have a budget to make a step to invest on bunches of common terms for pay per click (PPC) ads like Google and Facebook.

Which social media platforms are best for best for building adult website digital footprints?

If you are having the misconception that Facebook, which is the second most visited website can be the best way to build up your digital footprints and get you noticed online then correct yourself for two reasons:

  1. Facebook doesn’t share!

There are majority of people who don’t feel comfortable in sharing sexual and adult stuff on Facebook as they are connected with their friends, family, kids, etc and as you are working for publicising and exposing your brand and business, here at Facebook, it turns out to be an end to it instead of socialising on social media.

  1. Even if people choose to follow your Facebook page, they usually aren’t seeing your posts!

The reality is that people choose only a fraction of pages to look up for and if you want potential followers, you need to pay for your posts, instead it can be only concluded that posting on the Facebook page is just a useless point.

If given a look then it can only be concluded that social media websites are not going to give a good pay-off, but the reality is that they can. They provide 65% of referral traffic that come from inbound links from other websites, 10% traffic to a site that may help search engine referrals and 5% of the traffic that comes from e-mail and other sources.